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SubjectRe: Problem with MDI/MDI-X auto-switching in E100 driver

bad devel, bad! Ought to have CC'd some other guys and me ;)
(just happened to stumble on it by accident)

> It seems a better solution to this is to trust the eeprom's configuration
> rather than override it. Am I missing something or does this sound
> reasonable?

I don't have much actual experience with various e100 versions,
so I cannot confirm it, but if something like this gets implemented,
then it's perhaps best to restrict the possibly more dangerous
"trust eeprom" reverted logic to your chip version only.
Or is the "without magnetics" feature independent of particular chip
versions? Then of course that wouldn't help ;)

...and yet another edge case which e100 doesn't support as well as it
should. (would eepro100 have worked here?)
Anyway, one should just attempt to get it working nicely with e100,
no use complaining. :)

Andreas Mohr

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