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SubjectRe: [PATCH] allow userspace to adjust kvmclock offset
On 10/15/2009 04:58 PM, Glauber Costa wrote:
>> The motivation for relative adjustment is when you have a jitter
>> resistant place to gather timing information (like the kernel, which can
>> disable interrupts and preemption), then pass it on to kvm without
>> losing information due to scheduling. For migration there is no such
>> place since it involves two hosts, but it makes sense to support
>> relative adjustments.
> Since we added the padding you asked for, we could use that bit of information
> to define whether it will be a relative or absolute adjustment, then. Right now,
> I don't see the point of implementing a code path that will be completely untested.
> I'd leave it this way until someone comes up with a need.

I agree with that, but padding by itself is insufficient. You also need
a flags field.

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