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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pci: pciehp update the slot bridge res to get big range for pcie devices
* Yinghai Lu <>:
> @@ -144,9 +182,6 @@ static void pci_setup_bridge(struct pci_
> u32 l, bu, lu, io_upper16;
> int pref_mem64;
> - if (pci_is_enabled(bridge))
> - return;
> -
> dev_info(&bridge->dev, "PCI bridge, secondary bus %04x:%02x\n",
> pci_domain_nr(bus), bus->number);

Have you tested this with the hotplug facilities I added a while

Basically, what happens when you offline a bridge using


And then re-add it using:


Please try this both for bridges that are claimed by pciehp as
well as bridges that are not claimed.



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