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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] USB: ftdi_sio: Remove tty->low_latency.
    Alan Cox <> writes:

    >> Alan, did you have time to look at it? Are there any reasons for wanting
    >> to keep low_latency in ftdi_sio when it was removed from all other
    >> drivers processing in interrupt context (without doing work queue
    >> re-implementations)?
    > Yes for latency handling (two layers of work queue is bad) but its the
    > right fix for stable.
    > For upstream how does this look as a tidy up
    > ftdi_sio: simplify driver
    > From: Alan Cox <>
    > This does a lot of stuff that the modern buffering logic will cover itself
    > so remove the cruft.
    > - Remove the code handling throttle half way through a packet. We have 64K
    > of slack and flow control is async anyway so stopping is the wrong thing
    > to do
    > - Remove various commented out bits
    > - Without the partial packet stuff we can remove the async queue stuff and
    > split it into sensible functions for URB processing and for queueing urbs
    > for receipt
    > - Remove the unused rx_bytes count. We take locks for it, we jump through
    > hoops for it and we never expose it.
    > Signed-off-by: Alan Cox <>

    The code doesn't fall over immediately in my testing. So at first glance
    this appears to be as good as removing low_latency.


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