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SubjectRe: BFS cpu scheduler v0.304 stable release
On 10/16/2009 04:58 AM, Con Kolivas wrote:

> to this, BFS also uses sub-tick accounting. What BFS does _not_ now feature is
> support for CGROUPS. The average user should neither need to know what these
> are, nor should they need to be using them to have good desktop behaviour.

That said, it's useful for embedded purposes and I could see some use in
that area for your BFS scheduler since they often care about latency and
tend to use low numbers of cpus.

> It is surprisingly difficult to get accurate CPU accounting, and in many cases,
> the accounting is done by simply determining what is happening at the precise
> moment a timer tick fires off.

With sched_clock() it would seem that this is not as applicable as it
used to be.


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