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SubjectRe: Leaks in trace reported by kmemleak
CC: ...

Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
> I've noticed your latest patch for memory leak in filter setting
> (8ad807318fcd...) - but even with this patch - kmemleak seems to still
> report lots (~900) of following leaks - note - they come only from
> i915 and kvm module - so I'm not sure if these two modules are doing
> something wrong or the problem is in trace code.
> It looks like whole directory is somehow forgotten.

Fortunately those are false-positives:

# modprobe i915
# echo scan > /debug/kmemleak
# cat /debug/kmemleak
(lots of "leaks")
# rmmod i915
# echo scan > /debug/kmemleak
# cat /debug/kmemleak
(no leaks)

All the memory allocated when loading the module is
freed in trace_module_remove_events() at module unload.

But I haven't looked into how to suppress those false-postives.
I'd like to, but I'm going to leave my office and won't be
back until 26th..

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