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SubjectRe: System (motherboard/CPU?) emits high pitch noise when processor.ko is loaded.

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Andreas Mohr wrote:

> And that's news exactly how? ;)
> Systems and their switching regulators (and especially their backing
> coils) have been making noise for more than half a decade now,
> depending on which activities frequency is currently taking place
> on the system.
> OTOH this means that in your case, maybe some interval in the processor module
> (or somewhere related) is ill-chosen (leading to significant, audible differences
> between busy/idle state) and should be changed.
> For example, with HZ settings 100 can cause quite a bit of noise on some
> machines, whereas 1000 is better, IIRC. And that could be similar for some
> processing in this module.
> Andreas


Ok, well I never had that happen before when loading that module--
although I never normally ran it except for testing purposes, so it was news
to me :)

CPU was i870 & mobo = DP55KG for reference and I use a HZ setting of 1000.


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