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SubjectRe: How to check whether executing in atomic context?
Leonidas . wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 11:09 PM, Stefan Richter
> <> wrote:
>> let the caller of your routine tell it whether it's atomic context
>> or not.
> What makes it more complicated is this, the user might achieve the
> functionality via instrumenting his source code, i.e. something like
> using -finstrument flag of gcc. As per above inferences about
> in_atomic(), in case of instrumentation there is no choice other than
> providing all apis as atomic apis, this might not be the right thing
> to do under all circumstances. Especially, for my code since I do lot
> of allocations for book keeping.
> I am not aware of any Linux kernel module which can comply to this
> kind of use case, what would be the most optimal thing to do here?

And preallocation is not feasible either?
Stefan Richter
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