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SubjectRe: [Bug #14388] keyboard under X with 2.6.31
> So it seems likely to me that this is a kernel bug, somewhere, and the
> TTY layer seems like a good place to look (OK, a horrible place, but a
> *likely* place).

Somewhere around 2.6.29-30 various things went funny in the keyboard
layer for me - notably characters "bleeding" across console switches.

> I'm about to try reverting the suggested commit and will report back. I
> see this failure about once a day, so I'll give it three days to go
> wrong and then (if it doesn't) will presume it works and so inform you.
> (Of course with this commit reverted Emacsen start dropping data from
> their ptys, and as bad luck would have it I live in (X)Emacs, but that's
> on a different machine! so I can have my compile buffer data *and* not
> destroy X ;} )

X doesn't touch the pty layer. It touches vt (extensively) and the input
layers. It's vt/kbd access is also very raw so bypasses much of that
layer. That isn't to say tty isn't the cause but look for input layer
changes too.

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