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Subject[PATCH 0/6 RFC] Remove the BKL from sys_execve on various architectures
Most of the mainstream architectures such as x86, x86-64 and ppc, do not 
use the bkl in sys_execve.

All of the architectures that still use it, look like copy-and-pastes from
a time when the mainstream architectures did use it. In addition, all of
the call-outs appear to be to generic functions that are safe to use
without the bkl. Therefore, I believe it should be safe to simply remove.

However, the bkl does some surprising things, and I could be wrong. So
please have a look at let us know if there is a reason why your
architecture does indeed need the bkl in sys_execve.

Even better, grab the relevant patch and do some testing and report back.

Thank you in advance.

John Kacur

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