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SubjectRe: eGalax TouchScreen
hi Christian

On 08.10.2009 22:19, Christian Loitsch wrote:
> Hello
> (please CC me directly)
> i don't need this touchscreen any longer, and would like to donate it to
> anybody willing to work on improved support.
> 10" (currently used with an MSI Wind)
> 0eef:0001 D-WAV Scientific Co., Ltd eGalax TouchScreen
> (you can find this touchscreen on ebay)
> I once was able to make the touchscreen work, but it wasn't as easy as
> pluging the touchscreen in.
> First come first served, except for Daniel Ritz (the developer of the
> touchscreen module), who has highest priority.

thanks a lot for this offer! but i will leave it to other interested
people since i have access to a eGalax screen (from xenarc).

> Please just email me your address. I will try to update:
> <>
> as fast as possible.
> Please give me ~1week to prepare the package (and also give Daniel some
> time to respond).
> a+
> christian
> here are some details i found out:
> There are currently 3 ways an eGalax touchscreen 0eef:0001 can be
> handled by the kernel.
> 1) tkusb: a module (GPL) provided by the manufacturer, which is not in
> the kernel and (AFAIK) requires a binary-only xorg module. [1]
> 2) usbhid: which recognized my touchscreen, but I was not able to make
> it work in xorg.
> 3) the usbtouchscreen module. This module only "accepts" the
> touchscreen if usbhid did not (so I currently unload usbhid before
> activating the touchscreen).
> This module however only works if the touchscreen is set to use a
> different mode. (loading the tkusb module before the usbtouchscreen
> module works, as tkusb sends this mode-change command to the touchscreen
> [2])
> The touchscreen works perfectly with usbtouchscreen and evdev. I was
> not able to make it work in any other way.
> If I understood the usbtouchscreen code correctly you would just need to
> add a device specific init for eGalax touchscreens and send the command
> ([2]) to the device. (AFAIK eeti does the same in their tkusb module
> for every eGalax touchscreen).
> [1] <>
> [2] code from eeti-driver tkusb.c:
> ---
> scr->output[0] = 0x0A;^M
> scr->output[1] = 1;^M
> scr->output[2] = 'A';^M
> if( !DoSendData( scr, 3 ) )^M
> ---
jup, that's the way to do it. i have some patches for usbtouchscreen
from various people in the mess that is my mailbox. i think one of
them adds exactly that init code. i'll try to get those in mergable
state soon...


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