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SubjectRe: mmotm 2009-10-09-01-07 - iwl3945 fails to do firmware load request
On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 08:42:35 +0800, Zhu Yi said:

> The firmware loading happens when the user space brings the interface
> up. Can you check NM is running for the bad case?

I'm not using NM, because I've never figured out how to get it to DTRT for
my network config, so I run wpa_supplicant directly. It's looking like
a bad update to dbus was the actual root cause.

(Did I mention how I loath dbus? Or at least the fact that if it breaks,
everything from wireless to pulseaudio immediately craps out too. That and
'hald' are my two favorite "only on this laptop because stuff refuses to
work without them"....)
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