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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/31] Swap over NFS -v20

> > One of them
> > would be the whole VM/net work to just make swap over nbd/iscsi safe.
> Getting those two 'fixed' is going to be tons of interesting work
> because they involve interaction with userspace daemons.
> NBD has fairly simple userspace, but iSCSI has a rather large userspace
> footprint and a rather complicated user/kernel interaction which will be
> mighty interesting to get allocation safe.
> Ideally the swap-over-$foo bits have no userspace component.
> That said, Wouter is the NBD userspace maintainer and has expressed
> interest into looking at making that work, but its sure going to be
> non-trivial, esp. since exposing PF_MEMALLOC to userspace is a, not over
> my dead-bodym like thing.

Well, as long as nbd-server is on separate machine (with real swap),
safe swapping over network should be ok, without PF_MEMALLOC for
userspace or similar nightmares, right?

(cesky, pictures)

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