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    SubjectRe: x86: mce: Please revert 22223c9b417be5fd0ab2cf9ad17eb7bd1e19f7b9

    * Borislav Petkov <> wrote:

    > On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 07:34:11AM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > > > Ok, here it is, tested on two Fam10 machines here with injecting MCEs.
    > > > The decoding code is now built-in by default (early_initcall requires
    > > > !MODULE).
    > >
    > > I don't think it has to require !MODULE. We could do what we do for the
    > > other initcalls, ie if MODULE we turn it into just a regular initcall. If
    > > that allows something like the EDAC MCE to be built as a module, and
    > > people want to, then just go ahead and add the one-liner to <linux/init.h>
    > >
    > > Of course, if it _requires_ being loaded early for some other reason, then
    > the only reason I can think of is if you want to be able to decode
    > MCEs happening as early as possible before the modules have been
    > init-ted.
    > Question really is, what is more important to us? But we definitely
    > can do the module stuff too and get rid of ~5K core kernel fat by
    > relocating the whole functionality completely into the module. Hmm...

    I'd focus on the built-in-side initially, which is the most
    practical/debuggable/serviceable solution. It's of course not a problem
    (at all) if it is _also_ module loadable but that's not the primary


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