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SubjectRe: [PATCH -v7][RFC]: mutex: implement adaptive spinning

On Fri, 9 Jan 2009, Harvey Harrison wrote:
> >
> > Of course, at that point you might as well argue that the thing should not
> > exist at all, and that such a flag should just be removed entirely. Which
> > I certainly agree with - I think the only flag we need is "inline", and I
> > think it should mean what it damn well says.
> Also agreed, but there needs to start being some education about _not_ using
> inline so much in the kernel.

Actually, the nice part about "inline_hint" would be that then we could
have some nice config option like

#define inline_hint noinline
#define inline_hint /* */
#define inline_hint __inline

and now the _only_ thing we need to do is to remove the

#define __inline __force_inline

thing, and just agree that "__inline" is the "native compiler meaning".

We have a few users of "__inline", but not very many. We can leave them
alone, or just convert them to __inline__ or inline.


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