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SubjectPartially defer some of the async stuff to the next release
Hi Linus,

I think it's better that we defer some of the asynchronous boot stuff to
2.6.30 so that it can bake in -next for a bit. I would like to keep the
core infrastructure in place for 29, so that the various subsystem
patches etc can just use it in -next without generating dependencies in
the patch flow.

for both libata and the inode delete very simple things can be done to
fix them, but I would feel a lot more comfortable giving these a ride
in -next.

The following changes since commit
2150edc6c5cf00f7adb54538b9ea2a3e9cedca3f: Linus Torvalds (1):
Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://

are available in the git repository at:


Arjan van de Ven (3):
Revert "fastboot: Make libata initialization even more async"
Revert "fastboot: make the libata port scan asynchronous"
partial revert of asynchronous inode delete

drivers/ata/libata-core.c | 96
fs/inode.c | 19 +++------ 2 files changed, 51
insertions(+), 64 deletions(-)

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