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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/4] Memory controller soft limit patches
> >   1. please fix current bugs on hierarchy management, before new feature.
> > AFAIK, OOM-Kill under hierarchy is broken. (I have patches but waits for
> > merge window close.)
> I've not hit the OOM-kill issue under hierarchy so far, is the OOM
> killer selecting a bad task to kill? I'll debug/reproduce the issue.
> I am not posting these patches for inclusion, fixing bugs is
> definitely the highest priority.
I agree.

Just FYI, I have several bug fix patches for current memcg(that is for .29).
I've been testing them now, and it survives my test(rmdir aftre task move
under memory pressure and page migration) w/o big problem(except oom) for hours
in both use_hierarchy==0/1 case.

> > I wonder there will be some others. Lockdep error which Nishimura reported
> > are all fixed now ?
> I run all my kernels and tests with lockdep enabled, I did not see any
> lockdep errors showing up.
I think Paul's hierarchy_mutex patches fixed the dead lock, I haven't seen
the dead lock after the patch.
(Although, it may cause another dead lock when other subsystems are added.)

Daisuke Nishimura.

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