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SubjectRe: [GIT PATCH] USB patches for 2.6-git

Greg KH wrote:

>>> Here is the set of USB patches for the 2.6.29-rc1 merge.
>>> They also include the wimax patches, because of a dependancy on a change
>>> in the USB core to support one of the wimax drivers. The wimax patch
>>> set has been acked by the network maintainers already, and they agreed
>>> that it should go through the USB tree to you.
>>> Other than wimax, the patchset includes:
>>> - some new USB drivers (gadget, host, and serial)
>>> - USB OTG (on-the-go) device support
>>> - lots of device id updates
>>> - renaming in the i2c drivers to move into the proper location
>>> in the usb tree
>>> - usb-storage quirk handling cleaned up and reworked
>>> - sped up the option wireless usb driver speed.
>>> - removal of info() and warn() usb macros now that the non-usb portions
>>> of the kernel have removed their usage of them.
>>> - lots of minor tweaks and reworks.
>>> Please pull from:
>>> All of these patches have been in the -next and -mm releases for a while.
>>> The full patches will be sent to the linux-usb mailing list, if anyone
>>> wants to see them.
>>> thanks,
>>> greg k-h
>> [...]
>>> Kevin Hilman (1):
>>> USB: musb: build fixes for DaVinci
>> NAK this patch. I and David Brownell have asked Greg to pull this totally
>> broken patch (broken while in MUSB tree, the original patch was sane) from
>> his tree and all to no avail...
>> The patch doesn't fix anything and only adds more breakage as it duplicates
>> musb_platform_set_mode().
> {sigh}

Argh rather. The linux-usb bureaucracy deserves stronger expressions. :-P

> I'll fix this up after Linus pulls, sorry about that.

Brialliant. Better later than never, though.

>> I am dissatisfied how MUSB patches have been handled in general -- this
>> is not the first breakage, and the valid patches have been lost, so DaVinci
>> MUSB code keeps being broken since early 2.6.27-rc's (!) up to this time...
> I agree, there's a big disconnect somewhere,

With Felipe disappearing again, not only 8 MUSB fixes posted by me
prior to 2.6.28 hadn't gotten into stable kernel, now there's little
chance they can get into -rc1 and so no chance for my several (yet
unposted) cleanup/reorg patches to get there as well... sigh... :-(

> I'm sorry about that. I now see David's request to change this patch in my archives :(

You forgot to mention my several prior mails -- succeffully ignored
as well, unless they all managed to fall thru the cracks somehow...

> thanks,
> greg k-h

WBR, Sergei

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