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SubjectSuspend issues on all latest kernels!

Suspend fails on Lenovo X200 with

- 2.6.28-next-20090107-ikn
- 2.6.28-ikn-06859-gede6f5a

When doing echo mem > /sys/power/state, the
"Suspending consoles..." message appears, the "moon" is blinking,
but the system stays in this state (waited 10 minutes) forever.

At least -next is broken for a longer time (see previous posts on

Now the -wl tree also gained a suspend problem:


- 2.6.28-rc9-wl-ikn-24949-ge98df74

I can suspend (!) and even wake up, but the display is black
(xorg and console) with some strange drawn columns.

Tha last known working version is

- 2.6.28-rc9-wl-denkbrett-24896-gf4f5c96

Can somebody fix that so upgrading and testing
to a newer kernel is possible again?



P.S.: -ikn or -denkbrett is just the hostname; kernels are not patched,
directly fetched via git.

Think about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

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