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SubjectRe: [ntpwg] Bug: Status/Summary of slashdot leap-second crash on new years 2008-2009
On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 6:34 AM, Danny Mayer <> wrote:
> I'd much rather you spend the time tackling the clock interrupt losses
> that many of our Linux users complain about. See:
> for some of the gorier details. I'm sure you don't really want us
> recommending that they set HZ=100 in the kernel to alleviate the problem.

I believe the lost tick issue as well as the HZ=100 suggestions at the
page above are out of date for 2.6.21 and higher kernels as the
generic timekeeping rework addressed these problems.

Please let me know if you're still seeing any such issues with NTP.


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