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SubjectRe: Bug: Status/Summary of slashdot leap-second crash on new years 2008-2009
Alan Cox wrote:
>>> The RTC stores the CMOS time in MM DD YY HH:MM:SS format.
>> Yes, which is perfect for mktime(), which knows about leap seconds and
>> so produces the correct time_t.
> mktime in the kernel has no knowledge of leap seconds whatsoever. Go read
> kernel/time.c
Is there a mktime() in the kernel? Isn't it pure user-space? Mktime
does appear to know all about leap seconds (assuming they're in zoneinfo.)

>> different understanding. I thought it was said that there's kernel
>> support to handle the leap second flag in NTP's broadcasts, and that
>> that was where the bug was.
> All the kernel knows how to do is to slew time (in general) and to repeat
> or remove one second. It has no knowledge of leap seconds and it doesn't
> know how to convert between UTC/TAI/Unix Epoch etc.

I went back to the start of the thread. Chris posted a stack trace
showing "#15 0xffffffff8104ec16 in ntp_leap_second (timer=<value
optimized out>) at kernel/time/ntp.c:143". That would be kernel code to
process leap seconds from NTP broadcasts, I think. That code needs to
be removed.

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