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SubjectRe: scripts/ : undefined value as an ARRAY reference

* Jaswinder Singh Rajput <> wrote:

> Hello Andy,
> On -tip git I am getting this error:
> $ ./scripts/ 000*
> Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at
> ./scripts/ line 451.
> But earlier it was working great. Is this a feature or a bug.


One for the akpm bucket i think, Andrew pushed v26 checkpatch to Linus

57b9c6d: checkpatch: version: 0.26
21caa13: checkpatch: fix the perlcritic errors
2b6db5c: checkpatch: struct file_operations should normally be const
b53c8e1: checkpatch: ensure we actually detect if assignments split across lines
2d1bafd: checkpatch: do not report nr_static as a static declaration
4635f4f: checkpatch: track #ifdef/#else/#endif when tracking blocks
8b1b337: checkpatch: fix continuation detection when handling spacing on operators
8054576: checkpatch: loosen spacing on typedef function checks
080ba92: checkpatch: try to catch missing VMLINUX_SYMBOL() in
86f9d05: checkpatch: allow parentheses on return for comparisons
1e85572: checkpatch: Add warning for p0-patches
2a5a2c2: checkpatch: update copyrights
50a7dcf: checkpatch: version: 0.25
6586386: checkpatch: dissallow spaces between stars in pointer types
fae17da: checkpatch: comment ends inside strings is most likely not an open comment
8e761b0: checkpatch: detect multiple bitfield declarations
5fe3af1: checkpatch: __weak is an official attribute
383099f: checkpatch: structure member assignments are not complex
83242e0: checkpatch: widen implied comment detection to allow multiple stars
721c1cb: checkpatch: comment detection may miss an implied comment on the last hunk
691d77b6: checkpatch: add checks for in_atomic()

one of those is causing this new warning.


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