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SubjectRe: Btrfs for mainline
Hello everyone,

Thanks for all of the comments so far. I've pushed out a number of
fixes for btrfs mainline, covering most of the comments from this

* All LINUX_KERNEL_VERSION checks are gone.
* fixes
* Extra permission checks on the ioctls
* Some important bug fixes from the btrfs list
* Andi found a buggy use of kmap_atomic during checksum verification
* Drop EXPORT_SYMBOLs from extent_io.c

Unresolved from this reviewing thread:

* Should it be named btrfsdev? My vote is no, it is extra work for the
distros when we finally do rename it, and I don't think btrfs really has
the reputation for stability right now. But if Linus or Andrew would
prefer the dev on there, I'll do it.

* My ugly mutex_trylock spin. It's a hefty performance gain so I'm
hoping to keep it until there is a generic adaptive lock.

The full kernel tree is here:;a=summary

The standalone tree just has the btrfs files and commits, reviewers may
find it easier:;a=summary

The utilities can be found here:;a=summary


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