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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2] waitfd
    Casey Dahlin <> writes:

    > Linux now exposes signals, timers, and events via file descriptors
    > through signalfd, timerfd, and eventfd. This means programmers can use
    > a single select/[e]poll call to monitor all change in their
    > program. This patch aims to expose child death via the same mechanism.
    > waitfd provides a file descriptor out of which may be read a series of
    > siginfo_t objects describing child death. A child process is reaped as
    > soon as its information is read. This means child monitoring too can
    > be performed with that same poll call.
    > Patch is against v2.6.28

    Can you please provide a manpage with the exact proposed semantics of
    the interface.

    Without that it's very hard to evaluate if the interface makes sense
    or not.

    In general a single paragraph is not enough to justify a new system



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