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SubjectRe: Bug: Status/Summary of slashdot leap-second crash on new years 2008-2009
On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 4:21 PM, Chris Adams <> wrote:
> Once upon a time, Linas Vepstas <> said:
>> Below follows a summary of the reported crashes. I'm ignoring the
>> zillions of "mine didn't crash" reports, or the "you're a paranoid
>> conspiracy theorist, its random chance" reports.
> I have reproduced this and got a stack trace (this is with Fedora 8 and
> kernel kernel-
> Basically (to my untrained eye), the leap second code is called from the
> timer interrupt handler, which holds xtime_lock. The leap second code
> does a printk to notify about the leap second. The printk code tries to
> wake up klogd (I assume to prioritize kernel messages), and (under some
> conditions), the scheduler attempts to get the current time, which tries
> to get xtime_lock => deadlock.

This analysis looks correct to me.

Grrrr. This has bit us a few times since the "no printk while holding
the xtime lock" restriction was added.

Thomas: Do you think this warrents adding a check to the printk path
to make sure the xtime lock isn't held? This way we can at least get a
warning when someone accidentally adds a printk or calls a function
that does while holding the xtime_lock.


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