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    SubjectRe: [patch 2.6.28-rc7] regulator: catch some registration errors
    On Thursday 04 December 2008, Mark Brown wrote:
    > [ Re Liam's comments about those non-existent cpufreq+regulator drivers ]
    > On the bright side, looking at the situation with the clock API there
    > don't seem to be any other substantial offenders here.  Most of the
    > other users are part of the platform code and get to peer inside the
    > clocking structure, so if cpufreq were fixed there shouldn't be much
    > problem here.

    Last time I looked, no cpufreq driver tried to use <linux/clk.h>
    calls. The reason was simple: the clock framework code sits in
    DRAM, so it can't be executed while changing DRAM clocks.

    Those bits of cpufreq had to live in on-chip SRAM (there's usually
    a few pages of it) and directly update PLL and other clock config
    registers ... then wait for things to stabilize before they returned
    and the CPU executed from DRAM again.

    - Dave

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