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SubjectRe: document ext3 requirements
On Sunday 04 January 2009 16:06:34 Theodore Tso wrote:
> True enough, although the newer SSD's will have this problem addressed
> (although at least initially, they are **far** more costly than the
> el-cheapo 32GB SD cards you can find at the checkout counter at Fry's
> alongside battery-powered shavers and trashy ipod speakers).

I have great faith in the ability of PC hardware to continue to be crap for
the foreseeable future.

> I will stress again, that most of this doesn't belong in
> Documentation/filesystems/ext3.txt, as most of this is *not*
> ext3-specific.

Yes and no. Ext3 is enough of a "default" filesystem for Linux that some
documentation on when _not_ to use sounds like a good idea.

That said, some kind of a "choosing a filesystem" file would be good, perhaps
under the filesystems directory. (Then the ext3 doc would just need a brief
comment and a pointer to the other file.)


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