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SubjectRe: lowmemory android driver not needed?

> I never expected it to be merged. I wrote it to allow us to ship a product.
> > The top problem is, this file stay on non proper place.
> > then, MM folks don't review at all.
> >
> > I think this patch need to receive MM folks review.
> This patch solves two problems for us:
> 1. It gives us more control over which process gets killed when we run
> out of memory. This can easily be fixed in the regular oom killer
> instead.
> 2. It prevents the system from getting unusable due to excessive
> demand paging. Before we added the low memory killer, we had devices
> stuck for many minutes before the system managed to allocate enough
> memory for the oom killer to kick in.
> The second problem is the most critical and if it is solved, we will
> not need this patch.

Ok, maybe the best way forward is to create a "demo" that can be run
on desktop machine, where machine misbehaves (like becomes useless for
10 minutes before OOM killer kicks in), then draw attetion of


(cesky, pictures)

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