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SubjectRe: [: [git pull] headers_check fixes]
Harvey Harrison wrote:
> For now, the problem is with arches like X86 that need to test the availability of
> an instruction. So the arch versions could be unconditionally offered on X86_64
> and the lowest-common denominator (no BSWAP) on X86-32. If we still want the
> optimized (BSWAP) versions on X86-32 the tests will have to use the compiler arch flags
> as opposed to CONFIG_BSWAP....which is probably not worth the trouble.

Well, that's how the headers were originally written, I believe.

CONFIG_BSWAP can be replaced with the __i486__ macro, and since most
distros compile for i586 or i686 these days, it might actually make
sense for this one particular case.


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