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    SubjectRe: a question about p4_clockmod module on Xeon quad core processors
    On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 12:17:25PM -0800, Xiaoning Ding wrote:
    > Hi list,
    > I have tried the p4-clockmod module in Linux kernel 2.6.29 on Xeon 5355 quad-core CPUs with no luck. It seems current p4-clockmod driver still cannot support Intel Quad core processors, right?
    > I know I can also use acpi-cpufreq. It can only scale down the frequence from 2.67GHz to 2GHz. But I need some lower frequencies for some experiments.

    p4-clockmod doesn't change the processor frequency.
    Because of common misconceptions like this, the user interface has been removed.

    In 2.6.29, the clock modulation code is called directly from ACPI
    whenever thermal events indicate that throttling is necessary.



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