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    SubjectRe: [: [git pull] headers_check fixes]

    On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > The intent of headers_check is to try to catch people who put things that
    > depend on CONFIG_* stuff in exported headers (which, as we have seen, have
    > been too sadly common.) If we declare that the export process will treat all
    > CONFIG_* as undefined, we do lose some coverage but potentially end up with
    > cleaner code. Not sure which is worse...

    Do you think the "fix headers_check" patches spend lots of time analyzing
    things? I bet no. They just try to make the warning go away, so you don't
    actually end up with any more "coverage" anyway. Quite the reverse -
    instead of having a simple rule ("CONFIG_xyz options simply do not exist
    in user space"), you end up having ad-hoc hacks on a per-fix basis.


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