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SubjectRe: [PATCH 10/10] mmc: Add OpenFirmware bindings for SDHCI driver
Anton Vorontsov wrote:
> If unsure, say Y.
> +config MMC_SDHCI_OF
> + tristate "SDHCI support on OpenFirmware platforms"
> + depends on MMC_SDHCI && PPC_OF
> + help
> + This selects the OF Secure Digital Host Controller Interface.
> + So far there is only Freescale eSDHC controller known to exists
> + on OF platforms.

Nit; would probably be better English as

This selects the OF support for Secure Digital Host Controller
Interfaces. So far, only the Freescale eSDHC controller is known
to exist on OF platforms.

-- Matt Sealey <>

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