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SubjectSwitching from (deprecated) IDE driver -> SATA (PATA support)
When switching (removing IDE support) in favor of the new PATA support 
under the SATA menu, is there any best practice/or method of knowing what
the new root hdd will be upon reboot?

If I have 10 sata disks and 2 IDE disks on various cards/controllers, how
do I know /dev/hda will become /dev/sda? In one test on a system I have
here, /dev/hda became /dev/sdb2 after reboot, not an issue if the box is
local, but if the box is remote, how do you cope with this? I ask now
because some IDE drivers have been removed (nvidia I believe? in 2.6.28)
and I cannot upgrade the kernel anymore unless I move to the
PATA-supported SATA driver, but I have no idea what the root disk will be
after a reboot and there is a high probability it will not come back after
a reboot..


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