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    SubjectRe: Memory not being reported
    * David Ronis <> wrote:

    > I'm running on an i686 (slackware-12.1 for the most part)
    > box. I recently added some extra memory, expanding from 2Gb to 4.
    > Everything works as expected except that not all of the memory
    > seems to be seen.

    I've got a comparable system, and could only see about 3G of the
    installed 4G.

    > One suspicion is that the configure option CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G=y
    > should be unset and the CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G should be.

    Indeed, using CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G does the trick for me, 4G usuable.

    (I've also CONFIG_RESOURCES_64BIT set, maybe that's needed as well)

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