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SubjectRe: lmbench lat_mmap slowdown with CONFIG_PARAVIRT
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> Ouch, that looks unacceptably expensive. All the major distros turn
> CONFIG_PARAVIRT on. paravirt_ops was introduced in x86 with the express
> promise to have no measurable runtime overhead.
> ( And i suspect the real life mmap cost is probably even more expensive,
> as on a Barcelona all of lmbench fits into the cache hence we dont see
> any real $cache overhead. )
> Jeremy, any ideas where this slowdown comes from and how it could be
> fixed?

I just posted a couple of patches to pick some low-hanging fruit. It
turns out that we don't need to do any pvops calls to do pte flag
manipulations. I'd be interested to see how much of a difference it
makes (it reduces the static code size by a few k).


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