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SubjectRe: 2.6.29-rc libata sff 32bit PIO regression

Alan Cox wrote:

>> Hugh Dickins writes:
>> > I've a Dell Precision 670 here (four-year-old EM64T Xeon with ata_piix)
>> > which doesn't like your commit 871af1210f13966ab911ed2166e4ab2ce775b99d
>> > libata: Add 32bit PIO support. Full dmesg (and .config) attached, but
>> > here's an extract showing the start of the error messages on ata2:
> Cool - so we need two different 32bit PIO methods - at least according to
> the docs for the AMD we should use entirely 32bit I/O there. Fun fun

Could you refer me to the exact AMD doc that requires that?

> Alan
MBR, Sergei

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