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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.6.28 regression: Hang after hibernate
With minimum config you mean only the most necessary drivers (like
disabling ALSA)?
I will try a kernel without SMP.


2009/1/2 Pavel Machek <>:
> Hi!
>> Today I tried the new kernel and found out it has a regression. With
>> kernel 2.6.27 I never had problems resuming from hibernate, but with
>> 2.6.28 it hangs. The output is something like this (it's not exactly,
>> I skipped some words that are before the PCI lines):
>> PM: read .. MB in .. seconds
>> SDA: Synchronizing SCSI cache
>> r8169: PME# enabled
>> PCI INT A disabled
>> PCI INT D disabled
>> PCI INT B disabled
>> PCI INT C disabled
>> PCI INT D disabled
>> PCI INT A disabled
>> Disabling non-boot CPUs
>> CPU1 is now offline
>> CPU1 is down
>> CPU2 is now offline
>> CPU2 is down
>> CPU3 is now offline
>> CPU3 is down
>> SMP Alternatives: switching to UP code
>> I first thought it's the same as bug 12155, but I'm not sure it is.
>> If there's any other ouput I can send to help, let me know.
> Can you try with minimum config? And maybe !CONFIG_SMP?
> Pavel
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