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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] autofs: fix the wrong usage of the deprecated task_pgrp_nr()
    On 01/19, Ian Kent wrote:
    > On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 08:34 +0100, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
    > > parse_options(&pgid) sets pgid = task_pgrp_nr() which uses the global
    > > namespace. This is wrong, we use this pgid to find "struct pid" in the
    > > current's namespace. Change parse_options() to use task_pgrp_vnr().
    > >
    > > Also do s/task_pgrp_nr/task_pgrp_vnr/ in the debugging printks.
    > > complains about "line over 80 characters", but it should
    > > blame the cuurent code, not the patch.
    > This changelog entry doesn't really have anything that I can use to work
    > out if this change might introduce regressions.
    > It would be helpful to me if you could include:
    > 1) A brief statement about what your trying to achieve and why.

    First of all, I think this patch fixes a bug.

    What we are doing in autofs_fill_super()->parse_options() path
    is find_get_pid(task_pgrp_vnr(current)), this is wrong.

    task_pgrp_vnr() reporst the pid_t in the global namespace, but
    find_get_pid() searches "struct pid" in the current namespace.
    We can get the wrong pid. I tried to document this in changelog.

    Another reason is that task_pgrp_nr() is deprecated. We are wasting
    2 words in signal_struct without good reason. Please look at

    > 2) The reason why task_pgrp_nr() has changed to task_pgrp_vnr() since
    > you made the change (that is someone working on pid namespaces) to
    > task_pgrp_nr().

    see above.

    > 3) Why you believe this change won't introduce a regression.

    Ah, sorry. I forgot to mention this patch is only compile tested
    (like the next one, but at least it has the note in changelog).

    But again, I think this is bugfix.


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