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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC v5] net: add PCINet driver
On Thursday 15 January 2009, Ira Snyder wrote:
> I have another question for you Arnd.
> What did you use as the host and guest drivers when you ran virtio over
> PCI? Did you use two unmodified instances of virtio_net (one on host,
> one on guest) for networking, or did you write new virtio drivers for
> those? How about for virtio_console (if you ran it at all).

Jan-Bernd may be able to tell you details about this, and send you the
driver code that his interns implemented for it.
This was only doing virtio_net between two machines using MMIO transfers,
i.e. the DMA engine was unused, but there was a mailbox interrupt (if you
have one of these, you won't need MSI, btw -- just write a DMA to it).

Arnd <><

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