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SubjectRe: PCI, ACPI, IRQ, IOAPIC: reroute PCI interrupt to legacy boot interrupt equivalent
On 13-Jan-09, Olaf Dabrunz wrote:
> On 13-Jan-09, Stefan Assmann wrote:
> > Hi Jon,
> >
> > Jon Masters wrote:
> > > On Mon, 2009-01-12 at 11:51 -0700, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
> > >> (I added Eric, Maciej, and Jon because they participated in
> > >> previous discussion here:
> > >
> > > Thanks. You know what I'd really like even more than being on the CC?
> > > I'd *love* someone to post a link to documentation on how this actually
> > > is supposed to work. We had to guess last time because none of the
> > > public documentation actually explains this. The guys at SuSE likely
> > > received some docs, but I'm not sure where from or the title thereof.
> >
> > Actually, most of the Boot Interrupt patches resulted from reading the
> > intel specs and observing the behavior of failing machines. We're trying
> > to wrap up all the information gathered in a paper, which is pretty time
> > consuming and a few steps away from being ready to publish.
> We read the specs of the chips, analyzed code, put up hypotheses and
> tested them. Then read the specs again, finding new hypotheses and
> tested again. Also reading what you guys sent out to lkml and reading
> through the public discussions for *BSD, Darwin, XEN etc. helped.
> And some colleagues discussed hypotheses and solution attempts with us.
> We summarized many of our end results in a presentation that we gave
> internally, and I am working on making this available online (in
> addition to the paper/slides that Stefan mentions below).

The presentation can be found at

Some parts of it have been corrected and updated.

Please do not miss the "Details" slides after the License and the
Disclaimer. The Details should answer many questions.


Olaf Dabrunz (od/odabrunz), SUSE Linux Products GmbH, Nürnberg

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