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SubjectRe: b44 - swapper: page allocation failure
On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 03:27:43PM +0200, Mihai Donțu wrote:
> > > A friend of mine just booted 2.6.28 and when someone else tried to send
> > > something to him over ssh (scp), the transfer failed and the following
> > > appeared in dmesg:
> > You missed the all important order line before the stack trace.
> Right, sorry for that. Here it is:
> swapper: page allocation failure. order:0, mode:0x21
> > If it's order 0, then you're just out of memory, if it's greater
> > than order 0, then either you're using jumbo frames or b44 is
> > broken.
> It is order zero, but he's not out of memory. He has just booted 2.6.28 (no X,
> no thing), has 3GB of RAM and 2GB of swap.
b44 uses GFP_DMA bounce buffers in some situations (x86_64 with > 1GB of
memory would do the trick I think, as does x86 with 4:4 memory split),
and that's a very limited resource (Memory < 16MB ).

Lovely hardware feature requiring nasty workarounds
(the chip can't do DMA for addresses > 1GB).

Maybe something else sucks up GFP_DMA memory with 2.6.28?
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