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SubjectRe: deadlocks if use htb
> I'm afraid its a bit more than that:
> ca109491f612aab5c8152207631c0444f63da97f
> 37810659ea7d9572c5ac284ade272f806ef8f788
> a0a99b227da57f81319dd239bc4de811b0f530ec
> b2e3c0adec918ea22b6c9d7c76193dd3aaba9bd4
> 8bdec955b0da2ffbd10eb9b200651dd1f9e366f2
> d5fd43c4ae04523e1dcd7794f9c511b289851350
> 731a55ba0f17064f85903b7bf8e24849ec6cfa20
> a6037b61c2f5fc99c57c15b26d7cfa58bbb34008
> e3f1d883740b09e5116d4d4e30a6a6987264a83c
> 82c5b7b527ccc4b5d3cf832437e842f9d2920a79
> and
> 6e5c172cf7ca1ab878cc6a6a4c1d52fef60f3ee0
> Also, all this is rather invasive and large, so I'm not sure it will
> meet the -stable criteria.

Then i will try to run 2.6.29-rc1-git4. Kind of risky to run rc1 on loaded
router, but i am hitting this bug with hrtimers hardly, so no choice for me
seems. And i cannot disable hrtimers because of bad shaper precision.
Thanks a lot for info and patches :-)

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