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    SubjectRegression 2.6.28-git: suspend/resume failure. git bisected to usb suspend/resume patch
    Hello Alan,

    git bisect found this patch

    a0d4922da2e4ccb0973095d8d29f36f6b1b5f703 is first bad commit
    commit a0d4922da2e4ccb0973095d8d29f36f6b1b5f703
    Author: Alan Stern <>
    Date: Wed Dec 17 15:06:03 2008 -0500

    USB: fix up suspend and resume for PCI host controllers

    This patch (as1192) rearranges the USB PCI host controller suspend and
    resume and resume routines:

    To cause my suspend to ram problem with my Thinkpad T61p.
    I can confirm that
    a81a81a25d3ecdab777abca87c5ddf484056103d works
    and a0d4922da2e4ccb0973095d8d29f36f6b1b5f703 does not work.

    Thing is, 29-rc1 with a0d4922da2e4ccb0973095d8d29f36f6b1b5f703 reverted also
    fails with suspend/resume. Seems that there was another problem introduced
    after that patch.

    Anyway, back to usb: I also tested plain 2.6.28 + this patch:
    plain 2.6.28: works fine
    2.6.28 + this patch: does not work.


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