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SubjectRe: Do ICH10+AHCI-driver support port-multiplying on a eSATA port?
Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to connect an external 2-disk case (eCube II see
> to an ICH10 skyburg dp45sg
> board via eSATA. As the case requires a port-multiplying sata card, I am
> wondering if ich10+ahci support it?
> At least with I am seeing only one drive. Connecting the case
> via usb gives two (dmesg parts below).
> So is port multiplying not yet available for ahci or not at all or does
> the the ich10 not support it and I should rather try a sil 3132 or so?

ahci on ich10 can do port multiplier. I can't tell from the web page
but if it's one of simg5723 and its friends, you'll need to put it
into JBOD mode using the dip switch or whatever.


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