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    SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] Squashfs pull request for 2.6.29

    * Geert Uytterhoeven <> wrote:

    > > At least IMHO.
    > >
    > > ( What could _perhaps_ change the picture a bit IMO is drivers/staging/ i
    > > think - we could take a far more active role in certain types of
    > > projects that have been done out of tree typically, with no formal
    > > promise for compatibility - or something like that. )
    > So if staging would have existed +one year ago, we should probably have
    > included squashfs 3.3 at that time, and just have moved it to fs/ once
    > the V4 layout was finished?

    might have been a possibility - although there's a notable absence of any
    filesystem drivers in the latest drivers/staging/ set.

    Greg, is that just accidental (no one has submitted one yet) or is it some
    sort of policy?


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