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    SubjectRe: [bisected] Re: todays git: WARNING: at drivers/ata/libata-sff.c:1017 ata_sff_hsm_move+0x45e/0x750()
    Hello, I wrote:

    >>> All the S/G counts printed out were divisible by 4 (36 for
    >>> INQUIRY and 96 for REQUSET SENSE). It's the *actual* byte count for
    >>> the REQUEST SENSE that's no divisible. The SCSI/ATAPI devices are
    >>> free to sent less data than requested on non block transfer commands.
    >> That is just fine - if the sg list is not corrupt or being mishandled
    >> and
    >> the atapi pio code is not buggy.
    >> RTFS a bit and it becomes obvious that the core libata code has a bug:
    > Oh, I have already... and saw where the issue could be. It just
    > wasn't obvious why 32-bit PIO triggered it.

    Got it now, however the issue doesn't seem as evident simple to me...

    >> From libata-sff.c:
    >> /* consumed can be larger than count only for the last
    >> transfer */
    >> WARN_ON_ONCE(qc->cursg && count != consumed);
    >> The big clue turns out to be that the code doesn't match the comment.
    >> Next note the check on qc->cursg. If my input sg list is a 36 byte
    >> single
    >> sg entry then qc->cursg should be NULL by the WARN_ON() - but it isn't.
    > I think it's still not NULL because qc->cursg_ofs == sg->length
    > check was *not* true right above, hence sg_next() wasn't called...
    >> If qc->cursg is NULL when the sg_next() is run then we don't warn
    >> because
    >> we are quite happy with the last segment being padded or underrunning.
    > I don't think that sg_next() is called on an underrun segment. And
    > here lies the mistake.
    >> What we actually want to explode on is a case where we transfer more
    >> bytes than are wanted and where there are more sg entries to perform
    >> - at
    >> that point we would corrupt.
    >> So at least one failure case is
    >> Core code issues an SG list for 96 bytes
    >> Drive indicates it wishes to return 18 bytes
    >> data_xfer transfers 18 bytes + 2 padding (correctly) -> 20 bytes

    Correctly indeed? I'm not at all sure it's correct to read an extra
    16-bit word off the device when it thinks it's already done with the
    data transfer. This is not the same as to read 16-bit word and ignore
    its MSB as it happened. The same concern about the writes... Note that
    the IDE code doesn't do this...

    MBR, Sergei

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