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SubjectEnable CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND by default or some mobile HD can't be unplugged safely
Hello List,

By default CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND is not enabled and today I got bite by
this when I got a new WDC My Book hard drive. I have no way to unplug
it safely, according to it's manual, with a kernel that doesn't have

On it's manual read "you should unplug and remove the device only when
the light is off." On Linux unmounting it won't turn it's light off
and I can feel it's motor is still running. The only way to unplug it
properly on a Linux system, as to my knowledge, is to echo `suspend'
to `/sys/bus/usb/devices/$DEV/power/level'. And one has to have
CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND=y to do this.

On Windows and Mac OS, `safely remove this device' function effectly
turns it into `suspend' mode, and it's light off.

I'm new in this field and I understood people's concern on enabling
autosuspend. As to my understanding, `enabling suspend' and `enabling
autosuspend' should be controlled by two different knobs. I did a
quick search in LKML and haven't found specific oppose to enable USB
suspend by default, and Debian has started shipping a kernel with
it turned on since 2.6.26.

Perhaps we should consider turning it on by default? Thanks!

Li, Yan

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