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Subject[TOMOYO #14 (mmotm 2008-12-30-16-05) 00/10] TOMOYO Linux
Happy new year!

TOMOYO Linux is a name-based MAC extension (LSM module) for the Linux kernel.

The security_path_* LSM hooks have just got merged into Linus's git tree!;a=commit;h=be6d3e56a6b9b3a4ee44a0685e39e595073c6f0d

Now, it's time to repost #13.
This patchset is for mmotm 2008-12-30-16-05 .

How to try:
1. Compile kernel with CONFIG_SECURITY_TOMOYO=y.
2. 'make' and 'make install' userspace tools (ccs-tools) available at .
3. Run /usr/lib/ccs/ .
4. Run following commands to set learning-mode as default.
(This step is optional but recommended on your first try.)
# echo '<kernel>' > /etc/tomoyo/domain_policy.conf
# echo 'use_profile 1' >> /etc/tomoyo/domain_policy.conf
5. Reboot.
(If you compiled kernel with CONFIG_SECURITY_{SELINUX,SMACK}=y,
add 'security=tomoyo' to kernel's command line.)
6. Run /usr/sbin/ccs-editpolicy to browse and edit policy.

LiveCD-based tutorials are available at .
Though these tutorials use non-LSM version of TOMOYO,
they are useful for you to know what TOMOYO is.


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