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SubjectRe: Suggested patch: Sending the FQDN when booting via DHCP
Thierry wrote:
> [re-sent without HTML encoding, and to the right aliases ...]
> Hi all,
> the following patch can be useful, in order to let the DHCP server
> accordingly update the DNS, when booting via DHCP.
> This can be useful for 2 reasons:
> 1) on small systems, the embedded filesystem may even not have udhcpd
> 2) when booting nfsroot, the nfs server does not like when udhcpd in
> invoked, even when requested the same IP address.
> Here is the patch, for 2.6.27-rc5. (Notice that it is the very first
> time I deliver a patch for Linux, and I may
> have missed some points on the procedure, if it is the case I apologize
> for that). What do you think about it ?
> Any ideas or comments are welcome.

This should probably be a kernel command-line option, rather than a static
config option.

-- Chris

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