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    SubjectRe: Building Kernel with -O0
    "Keith A. Prickett" <> writes:
    > All of this could, potentially be changed by a configuration parameter
    > and added into the kernel release. Does someone have a primer on why
    > this kind of behavior is not desired or "possible"?

    Traditionally it was not allowed because -O0 didn't inline and
    the kernel relied on inlining in some cases. But with always_inline
    that is obsolete -- all functions that rely on inlining should be
    marked __always_inline.

    I think a few more cases crept in where it was common to write
    build time asserts as

    if (some condition the compiler evaluates at runtime)

    and this obviously relies on the optimizer to build. But these
    are all slowly moving over the BUILD_BUG_ON() which also doesn't
    rely on the optimizer, so it's also obsolete.

    Then there's the issue that some of the kernel macros will
    generate absolutely terrible code without optimizer
    (good examples are the macros in asm-x86/uaccess.h). But I guess
    that could be tolerated too.

    Then another reason was that traditionally no source level
    debugger was included and if you do assembly level debugging
    optimized code is typically easier to read and debug because
    the unoptimized gcc code is so terrible.

    And with kgdb now being a standard option that has also changed.
    And I agree with you that sometimes stepping through code
    is very educational. And gdb tends to be a lot happier
    with -O0 code indeed.

    So if you can make it all work cleanly, ideally tested on
    other architectures too and a bit broader (e.g. with allyesconfig)
    and track down whatever the mm/* issue
    is correctly I don't see any real reason to not submit
    a mainline patch that enables this as a CONFIG. Of course
    it has to be very clean and not contain hacks.

    If you're not familiar with submitting kernel patches
    please read Documentation/{SubmittingPatches,SubmitChecklist}

    Hope this helps,



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